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What’s left for private messaging?

Inside the Fake Like Factories

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Server Infrastructure for Global Rebellion

Open Source is Insufficient to Solve Trust Problems in Hardware

Geheimdienstliche Massenüberwachung vs. Menschenrechte

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Die Affäre Hannibal

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15 Jahre deutsche Telematikinfrastruktur (TI)

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Verbrannte Wörter – Sprache des Nationalsozialismus

Code for Germany. Gute Taten mit offenen Daten

A Hacker’s Guide to Healthcare: How to Improve Lives with Data


Public Money? Public Code! A campaign framework to promote software freedom

WHO berichtet. Die Masern sind zurück in Europa.

“When the measles vaccine was introduced in 1963, the disease killed about 2.6 million people a year. The number of measles cases has steadily declined since then, and it is estimated that the vaccine has saved over 21 million lives since the turn of the century.”


“Because of gaps in vaccination coverage, measles outbreaks occurred in all regions, while there were an estimated 110 000 deaths related to the disease. ”