Schlagzeilen des Tages – Streiks, Krieg, Wohlstand


Sorge vor Ausweitung des Konflikts

Schwere Luftangriffe

Bahn kündigt Notfallplan an

Streiks müssen wehtun



Jährlicher Durchschnittsgewinn: 115.000 Eur

88 Dinge, die gerne vor dem ersten Job gewußt hätte

Bin ich wirklich Mittelschicht



So lähmt die Bürokratie Deutschland

Einsatzkräfte warnen vor Hochwassertourismus

Warum es sich in Magdeburg gut studieren lässt



Blockierte Autobahnen – Bauernverband bittet um Nachsicht

Soll Kiew künftig Kyiv heißen?

USA warnen: “Der Konflikt könnte schnell metastasieren”

Mit Traktoren gegen die Ampel

A swimming pool full of bitcoins

Buying or selling bitcoin uses 16,000 litres of clean water for every single transaction, which could exacerbate existing droughts around the world.

The majority of the water consumption comes from electricity production, such as in coal and gas plants, or throughput in hydroelectric power stations, says de Vries. He used data on the electricity mix at locations where bitcoin mining occurs to calculate the totals, but also factored in that water is also used directly in data centres to cool the powerful hardware used by miners.

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Using Ubuntu as Digital Audio Workstation

Connect an audio interface to your computer.

1. Install kxstudio sources

# Update software sources
sudo apt-get update

# Install required dependencies if needed
sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https gpgv wget

# Download package file

# Install it
sudo dpkg -i kxstudio-repos_11.1.0_all.deb

2. Install Cadence

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install cadence

3. Start Cadence and open Catia

Press WIN and search for Cadence. Press Start Button. Open the Tools-Tab and start Catia.

4. Install Reaper

Download from

Extract tar.

cd reaper_linux_x86_64
sudo bash

5. Start Reaper

Press WIN and search for Reaper.

6. Find Reaper in Catia and look at the wiring. Reaper should be connected to your audio interface.

7. Add a new track to your reaper project.

8. Press the red record item on the track to activate the track for recording

9. Select the proper channel, right below the record button. Connect an audio source, e.g. guitar, microphone, synth to your audio interface. If the correct channel is selected you should see the audio signal on the tracks input meter.

10. Press the record button at the bottom of reaper to record.


Our mission is to provide an effective and measurable way for you to analyze and improve your secure development lifecycle. SAMM supports the complete software lifecycle and is technology and process agnostic. We built SAMM to be evolutive and risk-driven in nature, as there is no single recipe that works for all organizations.