Projekt GITenberg

Alle Texte von Project Gutenberg in Versionskontrolle und mehr…

Ein Post auf go-to-hellman gibt einen Eindruck vom Projektstatus

“So here’s what’s been done:

  • Almost 57,000 texts from Project Gutenberg have been loaded into Github repositories.
  • EPUB, PDF, and Kindle Ebooks have been rebuilt and added to releases for all but about 100 of these.
  • Github webhooks trigger dockerized ebook building machines running on AWS Elastic Beanstock every time a git repo is tagged.
  • Toolchains for asciidoc, HTML and plain text source files are running on the ebook builders.
  • A website at uses the webhooks to index and link to all of the ebooks.
  • presents links to Github, Project Gutenberg, Librivox, and Standard Ebooks.
  • Cover images are supplied for every ebook.
  • Human-readable metadata files are available for every ebook
  • Syndication feeds for these books are made available in ONIX, MARC and OPDS via”

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