RDF to pretty JSON with oi 0.5.8

_:b0 a <http://schema.org/Book> ;
    <http://schema.org/name> "Semantic Web Primer (First Edition)" ;
    <http://schema.org/offers> _:b1 ;
    <http://schema.org/publisher> "Linked Data Tools" .

_:b1 a <http://schema.org/Offer> ;
    <http://schema.org/price> "2.95" ;
    <http://schema.org/priceCurrency> "USD" .

Based on this stack overflow answer I created a tool named **oi** that provides some capabilities to convert rdf to json via command line. If no frame is provided via cli, the tool aims to generate @context entries for most situations.

oi -i turtle -t json books.ttl |jq '.["@graph"][0]'


  "@id" : "_:b0",
  "@type" : "http://schema.org/Book",
  "name" : "Semantic Web Primer (First Edition)",
  "offers" : {
    "@id" : "_:b1",
    "@type" : "http://schema.org/Offer",
    "price" : "2.95",
    "priceCurrency" : "USD"
  "publisher" : "Linked Data Tools"

The tool attempts to create various output formats. The result is not meant to be 100% correct for each and every case. The overall idea is to provide adhoc conversions just as one step in a conversion pipeline.

The tool is available as .deb package via it’s github page at: https://github.com/jschnasse/oi.

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