Unix tools introduced. Today: date

The unix tool date can be used to print the current date. It also can be used to calculate time spans or to reformat time strings.

1. Print the current date in a conventional form

date +"%d. %B %Y"

2. Use certain locale. Find supported list in /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED

LANG=de_DE.UTF-8 date +"%d. %B %Y"

3. Print an arbitrary (but valid) timestring in a conventional form

date -d 2003-11-22 +"%d. %B %Y"

4. Print the current date as seconds since 1970 (unix epoche)

date +%s

5. Calculate the difference of two dates in days. Explanation can be found here.

echo $(( ($(date -d $B +%s) - $(date -d $A +%s)) / 86400 )) days

6. Print seconds after 1970 (unix epoche) in a conventional form.

TZ=UTC LANG=en_EN.UTF-8  date -d@0 +"%H:%M:%S %d. %B %Y"

Note: if TZ=UTC is left out, date will add or subtract an offset in accordance to systems timezone.

7. Find timezone offset

OFF_1=$(date -d '1 Jan' +%z)
OFF_7=$(date -d '1 Jul' +%z)
echo $OFF_1 $OFF_7


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