Made to Measure

Made to Measure ist ein Experiment: Kann man eine Person allein anhand ihrer Online-Spuren nachbilden? Von jemandem, den man nicht kennt, einen Doppelgänger/ eine Doppelgängerin erschaffen? Das Leben einer Person bis ins Detail nachbauen, nachspielen und verfilmen, ihre Persönlichkeit kopieren?

Calendar Versioning

“When to use CalVer

If both you and people you don’t know use your project seriously, then use a serious version. Luckily, the decision on whether to use CalVer for that version is easier than ever:

  • Does your project feature a large or constantly-changing scope?
  • Is your project time-sensitive in any way? Do other external changes drive new project releases?
    • Business requirements, such as Ubuntu‘s focus on support schedules.
    • Security updates, such as certifi‘s need to update certificates.
    • Political shifts, such as pytz‘s handling of timezone changes.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, CalVer’s semantics make it a strong choice for your project.”