Trusting the Let’s Encrypte Root Certificate?!

“If you’re on an older version of Android, we recommend you install Firefox Mobile, which supports Android 5.0 and above as of the time of writing.

Why does installing Firefox help? For an Android phone’s built-in browser, the list of trusted root certificates comes from the operating system – which is out of date on these older phones. However, Firefox is currently unique among browsers – it ships with its own list of trusted root certificates. So anyone who installs the latest Firefox version gets the benefit of an up-to-date list of trusted certificate authorities, even if their operating system is out of date.”

RabbitMQ and

Another bookmark for myself. Would it make sense to use Akka over RabbitMQ?

“Now when do you use RabbitMQ with Akka? When you need to have the guarantee that your message is delivered to the remote actor. Note that as RabbitMQ uses an at-least-once delivery, your receiving actor must be idempotent or have a way to handle duplicates. But your message never gets lost.”